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About Us


Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Brickell in Miami, our home is a special place filled with captivating artworks that we have lovingly curated over the years.


Each piece in our collection carries a unique story. Why did we acquire it? What does it mean to us? How does it interact with our daily life? These are questions that we are frequently asked by friends & family, sparking rich conversations that we are excited to share with you.


Art at Casa Shasa is about:

  • the fascination of living amidst expressions of creativity every day

  • the joy of supporting emerging artists and the dream of collecting established ones

  • the thrill of discovering hidden gems at boutique auction houses and estate sales

  • and most importantly, an ode to art history and its ever-evolving nature


By opening our home, we hope to inspire a new generation of collectors by offering a glimpse into the freedom and individuality that comes with immersing oneself in the world of art. Our mission is to create an atmosphere that embodies the pulse of art history, bringing unseen masterpieces to light, and allowing others to enrich their spaces with handpicked treasures. 


Salvador J. Juncadella, IV

Salvi currently serves as Head of Alternative Investments for BigSur Partners, a multi-family office based in Miami with > $1.2 billion of assets under management on behalf of 20 families. At BigSur, he plays a key role across investment decision-making, the management of client relationships, and strategic business development initiatives for growing the firm.

Shakira Sanchez Juncadella

Shaki currently serves as Brickell Territory Manager for The David Siddons Group (DSG) at Douglas Elliman, a leading luxury real estate team in Miami that closed in excess of $650 million of transaction volume from 2021-2023, and over $1 billion in career sales. At DSG, she advises buyers & sellers through a consultative approach driven by market data. 

SHA = Shakira  &  SA = Salvador

Casa Shasa is our way of sharing our love for art with the world. 

Salvador (Salvi) grew up surrounded by art - his mom being an extremely talented art teacher and portraitist, and his sister an accomplished artist. While in college, Salvi minored in art history, worked at the museum on campus, and helped launch and operate a contemporary art gallery in Boston.


Since moving back to Miami nearly a decade ago, he’s built a career in the Family Office industry helping families build, preserve, enjoy, and transfer their wealth. A number of families he works with happen to be art collectors too, allowing him to merge his lifelong passion in a professional setting by helping clients manage and grow their respective collections. It’s a unique bond to share and a fun way to combine the worlds of Finance & Art. 


Shakira (Shaki) fell in love with art shortly after meeting Salvi. Her knowledge of art has grown tremendously through travels to museums, galleries, and fairs around the world. Working in Miami's Real Estate industry, she sees firsthand art's ability to turn a house into a home and bring life to a space. Some of the most beautiful homes may feel empty without the right design, and some of the simplest spaces can be entirely transformed through the warmth of art. Shaki assists clients with any art-related needs & inspires them to embrace the art of living. 


The Art of living

The Art of Living

mi casa, tu casa

available works

collecting with passion

Available Works

Over the years, Casa Shasa has nurtured invaluable friendships with many artists featured in our collection. This platform has become a cornerstone for promoting their talents, ensuring their creations are shared broadly and consistently with an engaged community of art aficionados, collectors, and those who share a passion for art.


The bonds formed and the support extended through Casa Shasa have naturally led to conversations with select artists about elevating their exposure and showcasing their talents through a digital gallery format, under the representation of Casa Shasa.


Ani Abakumova

Casa Shasa proudly presents Ani Abakumova as our inaugural artist, renowned for her exquisite thread art merging mathematics, computer programming, and art history.


Collaborating with her mathematician husband, Andrey, Ani translates images into thread using an algorithm, which makes an estimated 2 billion calculations to produce a pattern for each work. Each piece involves over 8,000 passes of thread, winding around nails hammered into a circular plywood board.


The resulting artworks stretch over two-and-a-half miles when unraveled, showcasing Ani's exceptional dedication, skill, and patience. Her visionary approach bridges art history with our evolving world while honoring tradition.

In the era of artificial intelligence, her works serve as a reminder to reconnect with the past, revisit old values, and appreciate the beauty of simpler times. Her art blends the old and the new, tradition and modernity, evoking nostalgia. We have collected Ani's works since 2019 and continue each day to be captivated by their beauty and intricacy. This meticulous craftsmanship and innovative use of technology underscore Casa Shasa's dedication to showcasing boundary-pushing artistry.

The Mona Lisa by Ani Abakumova


The Girl With a Pearl by Ani Abakumova


Contact Us

Contact Us

email:  |  phone: (305) 283 - 4160

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